Book Review. Trapped in Words. Sheldon Sinnamon. 

I went to Brighton on the hottest day of the year in August and so my absolute favourite poem in Trapped in Words, the second poetry collection by Sheldon Sinnamon, brings up some painful memories. 
I like the contradictions in poem Be Yourself

Repeat Prescription perfectly describes the frustrating process of finding something to ease the pain, while Embrace shows the flip side to pills. 

Clockwork, Fog and String, all with themes of nature – Mist, grass, wind etc. reminded me of my experiences of late night walks, in chilly weather,  and unable to sleep. 

Wild really does feel like a breath of fresh air. 

50 Shades of Sheldon, as the title suggests, is racy. 

Side Effects, Complete and Unanswerable Questions are poems of love. 

In poem Homeless Memories we have the inspiring last lines 

But it’s not too late.

It’s never too late.

One Star Hotel writes of reaching rock bottom and The Musician is so physical in its description.

That Girl and Red Shoes tell of the little happenings in life, while A Media’s Deceit is about girls and the ‘fashion’ to be size 0.

There are sections Micropoetry and Lyrics and Poetry too. 

As in Sheldon Sinnamon’s first collection of poetry Oceans of Ink there are illustrations.

Trapped in Words is another well presented poetry collection by Sheldon Sinnamon (With a bolder font, much kinder to my eyes!)
I love Trapped in Words as much as I do Oceans of Ink. 

Released today, Trapped in Words is available at and 

King of Clowns Poetry 





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