Author Interview. AK. Dawson.


Thank you for agreeing to answer these questions. 

1) I loved reading about Dan in your novel Alien Love Story. How did this unique story come to be and how long did this novel take you to write?
I’ll answer the easy question first: the novel took about three months to create, working for roughly forty minutes a day, which translates to around 91 cups of tea. When it comes to Dan and his story, I wanted to write something that I enjoyed working on and would want to read myself. So it’s a book written to please me, which is why it’s a surprise and a pleasure to hear that someone else liked it. Thanks!    

2) When did you start writing and why do you continue to do so?
I started writing in 1999, aged 20. The reason I continue, when there are probably more fulfilling things to do, is that I can’t stop. I just love having something to focus on. So I suppose it’s a release. Some people go mountain climbing. I sit at my laptop. Which is the same, only without the ropes and fresh air. 
3) Do you write in many genres or just the one? Why is this?
I’ve written all kinds of novels and short stories, in all sorts of genres. This is because when I have an idea for a story, I like to see it through. Also, I would get bored working on the same thing all the time. Though one day I’d like to find my ‘voice’, which is that elusive thing all good writers are supposed to have. And when I find my voice I’ll probably land in my genre. 
4) What was the motivation for self-publishing your stories?

I enjoy knowing with 100% certainty that the novel I’m writing will be published. I also like laying it out, designing the cover and seeing its little page on Amazon. It’s a fun process. I can’t remember my initial motivation for self-publishing, but it must have been because I grew tired of writing query letters to publishers – I’d rather spend my free time creating stories and developing my craft. 
5) Did you ever write ‘fanfiction’ when you were a child, using fictional characters from your favourite books or TV shows?

I’d never heard of fan fiction when I was a child. But I can assure you that if I had, my work would have all been MacGyver-based. 
6) Do you read? If so, who are your favourite writers?

Yes. I don’t have any favourites though. Or rather, I have so many favourites that I don’t want to list them, because I’d end up forgetting someone.
7) Do you have self-doubts or does your writing fill you with self-confidence?

A bit of both, but definitely more of the former. It depends on the time of day and where I am with a novel, short story or script. 
8) Do you believe in the common writing quote ‘write drunk and edit sober?

Yes. Get the first draft down and then edit it into shape. Or write methodically. Whichever works for you. The result is what matters. 
9) Other than writing terrific stories, what else are you passionate about?

My family. Biscuits. Books. Films. 
10) What are your future ambitions for your writing? 
To spend a large chunk of time on one particular novel and to figure out what semi-colons are for. 

You can read my review of Alien Love Story here or just buy your copy from 


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