Book Review. Reejecttion/ Reejecttiion 2 . By Daniel Clausen, Harry Whitewolf and Mr. Wolf.

Reejecttiion 2 is a smorgasbord of cartoons, stories and letters. It is a collaboration between Daniel Clausen, Harry Whitewolf and Mr. Wolf. A lot of fun it is too. 

Hilary Pitta and The Chamber of Baguettes made me chuckle, as did many of the imaginative stories. The stories flip subjects on their head.

Rejection is the life of a writer and Reejecttiion 2 may be the best cure for anybody that has just received what may seem to be their ten billionth. 

Although Reejecttiion 2 is a bugger to search for through Google, it is a laugh and very silly. 

Before 2 there was 1, written by Daniel Clausen. Reejecttion contains rejection letters and outlandish stories that are like the thrust of a sword, followed by a BOING! sound that indicates it is only plastic. 

Laundromats, used bookstores, ‘just to make time to shag my girlfriend I had to dump 300 submissions in the trash unceremoniously’, bad first sentences, Sal (He isn’t sure if his name is Sal or Sally) and more off the wall observations on daily life are written about in Reejecttion.

Reejecttion is not as chaotic as Reejecttiion 2 but still is a lot of fun.

This rejection is not a reflection on the quality of your manuscript and we look forward to seeing more of your work in the future” 

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