Author Interview. Godiva Glenn. 

1) When did you start writing and why do you continue to do so?

I began writing when I was in middle school, though back then I mostly wrote poetry. At this point I don’t think I could ever stop. I’m absolutely addicted to creating new worlds, and it brings me immense satisfaction to envision people and places, then get to bring them to life with my words.

2) What, or who, is the biggest influence on your writing?

The notion of creating a world where things are as I want them is definitely a key driving point in my writing. Many of my stories come from reading or experiencing an event that didn’t sit well with me. It’s my way of adding my changes to the big anomalous picture. I like men that aren’t always assholes and women who aren’t ashamed of their bodies. I like couples that balance each other, and imperfect people having a lucky day.

3) Do you write in many genres or just the one? Why is this?

I write romance as well as erotica, and have in the past written fantasy fiction. Some will say this is falling into a hole—there is the notion of being a jack of all trades and king of none—but the differences that span the genres are usually setting based. The people can still be quite the same. Since I tend to focus on the characters and build the worlds and situations around them, I don’t see an issue with my writing spanning from romance to erotica and from fantasy to modern to science fiction, even. I do keep my romance under a separate pseudonym, however.

4) What attracts you to writing erotic and paranormal stories?

The first few snippets of erotic writing I did was inspired by a role-playing game I played with friends. I can’t even remember why or how it managed to turn into something more. At first I was embarrassed to have written it, but then I realized I didn’t care. Sexuality is natural and shouldn’t be repressed, right? 

As for the paranormal, I’m fascinated by the lore of vampires, werewolves, and magic in general. Putting my own spin on the way the supernatural world works was just a given.

5) What was the motivation for self-publishing your book?

The world of traditional publishing doesn’t suit my desires for short stories, but I may seek the traditional route for my novels. Short stories and collections seem to do well with self-publishing, and it’s giving me practice for working on my brand. Although there are huge variables in traditional publishing, some of the sacrifices can be scary and just the idea of not having a say about my title or cover irks me. It’s my name. I’d be horrified to get a girly pink cover and cheesy title. I like having a say over my entire image.

6) Do you read? If so, who are your favourite writers?

Many genres catch my reading fantasy, but for romance I lean towards Katie MacAlister or Sherrilyn Kenyon. I also got quite hooked on Christina Lauren recently.

7) Other than writing, what else are you passionate about?

Writing takes so much of my time that I have little other passion to find. I take pleasure in hiking and camping, though. Spending time outdoors keeps me grounded. I suppose I could consider PC gaming to be a passion as well. 

8) Do you have any words of advice (or caution) for other writers?

Two things:

Don’t be afraid to take risks! In writing circles we often discuss what sells and what readers want, but at the end of the day it’s about writing what you want to add to the world. Just because you worry there isn’t a market for your story, doesn’t mean you can’t write it. 

Don’t fear research, and don’t ignore your sources. There is absolutely nothing more frustrating than reading a story with false “facts” and mislead cultural stereotypes, etc. You should become a prime knowledge database for whatever you’re writing. It’s fine to skirt around details that don’t matter, but if you are writing a story about a cop, for example, you’ll probably want to look up police procedure and learn the basic lingo. I recently read a sci-fi story that managed to misuse the phrase “propulsion system” and it really took me out of the story. This is true even if you’re making it all up in terms of fantasy or paranormal. If you write a story about werewolves, you need to know everything about them—because readers are going to ask!  

9) What are your future ambitions for your writing? 

My goal is just to write and write and have fun doing it. Starting next year my writing will take center stage during my days and I can’t wait. I’ll be tackling revisions for my first novel, Saphrielle’s Fall. Currently I’m halfway through the rough draft of the sequel, which I made my NaNoWriMo challenge this year. My short stories are still coming too. I have several already written that are waiting on final revisions and covers. I’m not the take over the world type. More just the share my world with others type.

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