How Do you Read poetry? 

Hi all.

Quite simple really, how do you read poetry? 

(Do you read poetry?) 

By this I mean, do you read collections like me and also, like me, do you read them backwards?  Or do you prefer the one poem by one poet at a time approach? 

I like the Kindle but I love a physical copy of a poetry collection.  I like flipping through it and discovering the poems.  Reading a book like this means I always find a new poem and and never read the same one twice. 

I have been blessed lately to have been asked to provide a review for many poets.  John Sibley Williams, David Ellis, Steven Storrie, Gary Beck,  and so on. 

(Where are all the female poets?)
These reviews are all scheduled for this blog in the new year, and I hope you have been enjoying my reviews so far. 

(Have any of you downloaded a book after reading one of my reviews?)

Apologies for the ramble, but feel free to share your thoughts.  


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