Books of 2016 

so there’s a lot of What I Read in 2016 posts I’ve been reading and I  wasn’t going to write one, but why miss the opportunity to share some love? 

I have to say two books spring to mind when I think of what I’ve read in 2016 and they are An Alien Love Story by AK. Dawson and The Princess And The Clown by Ian Thomas Malone . 

You can read my reviews for these here and here

An Alien Love Story is a young adult fiction novel and will have you either in stitches of laughter or floods of tears. 

The Princess and the Clown is the opposite.  It is an erotic parody. 

another erotic fiction novel that me laughing was Green Eyes : An erotic novel ( sort-of ) by Michael Ampersant. Don’t you just love the front cover?  

I also got to know Emmanuelle de Maupassant,  author of The Gentlemen’s Club.  

And Nikky Kaye and Godiva Glenn.  You can read my review of Supernatural Delights here

A Christmas themed short story collection has been my recent read. 

Poetry wise, I’ve been blessed. (I’m surprised I’m not speaking in rhyme! ) 

 I met Steven Storrie this year and have been reading his poetry ever since. His first collection of poetry Working with the Negatives is published by Pski’s Porch and can be found here 

I was delighted to receive emails from Sheldon Sinnamon ( Books available at    Dane Cobain ( He has written a variety of books, you are bound to find something you like!   David Ellis and John Sibley Williams  asking if I would read their book.  

The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace is a brilliant collection of poetry.  I have memories of reading this one in a Pizza Hut in London.  I was trying not to have a panic attack  (I have anxiety) 

and reading this saw me through.  

He Counts their Tears is my most disturbing book of the year. It is a psychological thriller that had me in tense bits. Second to that is The Love Garden by David Blackburn.  

The cover looks pretty but the contents are bleak. 

I read a few good memoirs.  

My Father’s Son by John Davis,  Vittoria by Dafna Vitale Ben Bassat,  I Came, I Saw, I Coffeed by Bruce Miller  and The Blood on My Hands by Shannon O ‘ Leary. 

As well as all my favourites from Torey Hayden, Cathy Glass and Casey Watson. 

Children’s books, some of which I am still waiting impatiently for book two! 

Michael Pronko saw us through Tokyo in his book of essays Motions and Moments : More Essays on Tokyo 

 I cannot leave out the fantastic Collection of Poetry and Prose series of books.  Love, Lonely and Travel. With War forthcoming. Read more about that here

I was introduced to the character Clara,  written and created by Lacey London. Find these here

I cannot leave out the brilliant summer I had reading the Micro Chapbooks from Ghost City Press. No pressure to buy, you can download these for free

Zooey Ghostly,  one of my favourite writers, had published Homebodies. Plenty of raw observations on life in this chapbook.  

I loved Abuse Cycle by Ace Boggess and 

Queen Christina by Amanda Earl. These two are obviously experienced writers. 

Another favourite, where I was introduced to the concept of macros,  

 Slipknot hasn’t Tweeted since 2012 by

Joseph Parker Okay, who also has other chapbooks available at 

Beautifully illustrated is Meaning, The Shepherd of Impulse by Carter Jones 

Puppycat by Precious Okoyomon, a chapbook I felt was compelling and erotic and 

Girl Parts by young writer Makenzi Miller. 

A hilarious look at rejection  ( The life of a writer! ) With stories,  letters, and cartoons.  These are by Daniel Clausen, Harry Whitewolf and Mr. Wolf. Read my interview with Daniel Clausen here 

Five Star Reads

Whew, I hope I haven’t left anybody out! 


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