Book Review. Dating an Alien Pop Star. Kendra L. Saunders.

Only the evil seek pleasure in taking advantage of weakness.

I love this book.

The pacing is well timed, the humour works, the characters are great and even the sci-fi elements feel realistic. There is also a few alien sex scenes to David Bowie songs.

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Author Bio 

Kendra L. Saunders is a time-and-space traveling fashionista author who writes books about magical, dark-haired men, interviews famous people, and suggests way too many bands to you via whatever social media platform she can get her hands on. She writes with good humor because humor is the best weapon for a girl who can’t learn karate (or ballroom dancing). She’s the author of the Alien Pop Star series, The Unlove Spell, magic realism novel Inanimate Objects, the dark comedy Death and Mr. Right, and the poetry collection Geminis and Past Lives. Find her online at, on Twitter at @kendrybird, and on Instagram at @kendralsaunders

Month in Review. 

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Inbetween Hangovers, a poem called Censor 

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An untitled poem in the Spring 2015 issue of After the Pause magazine.

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Book Review. The Blood on My Hands.  Shannon O’Leary.  

This is an absolutely horrific book. 

Shannon O’ Leary grew up in Australia during the 1960’s. She lived with her mum, brothers and dad. Patrick O’ Leary has a split personality disorder, is abusive towards his family and a killer. Shannon O’ Leary watched him kill women on more than one occasion. 

I truly admire her mother, for eventually leaving her husband and also forever trying to protect her children, give them a normal childhood and stay working too. 

The Blood on My Hands is an excellent memoir. You have to wonder how these events were allowed to happen and why Patrick O’ Leary was never arrested. 

The resilience of this family is astounding.