Book Review. How To Marry Mr. Rich: How To Find A Single Man Who Is Making $150,000+ Plus A Year. Melody Summers. 

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How to Marry Mr Rich is a book entirely serious when, throughout the text, women are seemingly encouraged to find that wealthy man and let him take care of her and children. There are ways and means of going about locating this man,  from walking your dog to nudist beaches. There are all manner of places where these men can be found.  I had to laugh whilst reading this because otherwise I would have cried.

I like the design of the cover and it is well presented. The writing is impeccable and the opinions of author Melody Summers are put across to the reader in a passionate and yet not in a pushy way.

I don’t agree with the views expressed in this book.

There is nothing wrong with women being independent and making their own fortune. We don’t need men. In fact this is a book I feel could have done with looking at both sides of the subject. As it is How to marry Mr Rich is an amiable book and can perhaps help you with finding that rich man, in that respect I think the book could appeal to any young woman and be an interesting read for anybody else.


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