Book Review. After the Affair.  Annie Marie Wylder. 

​I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy book After the Affair by Annie Marie Wylder. A novella, it does seem so because of the moments this book navigates us through.

Set in the present, After the Affair follows the story of Sara. She has a husband and two daughters. She arrives home one day to find her husband in bed with their housekeeper. I sighed. I can’t help but hate when a story takes this route, even if it is obvious in the title of the book. 

After the Affair has a great character in Sara who, having been neglected herself as a child, is the same with her own daughters. However, I do like author Anne Marie Wylder then writes from the perspective of the other woman Maria. This helps move the story along and shows the reader how she interacts with Richard, the husband. 

Maria is not portrayed as a money grabber, but is young and naive. Of the husband, I feel indifferent to.

As with any other affair, and for all those involved, it is difficult to pledge loyalty to any one character  in particular. 

This book takes unexpected turns.

I think the turning point for Sara is the reconciliation with her husband. “ Did she want to spend twenty years sitting on the same side of the bed, drinking the same drink and always hoping for a repeat of this magical moment when he (her husband) finally saw that she was desirable?”
I was impressed too that Sara and Maria are written according to their status in life, and having been raised in separate countries, their culture too. Most writers simply do not bother with this. 

I like the overall writing style and the few quips.  

I felt the ending let this down. The characters have a skewed idea of what love is. 

After the Affair is a fictional novel on a taboo subject. This is honest and fully lays bare the consequences. 

A book for any reader of contemporary fiction. 

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