Author Interview. Bruce Kilarski. 

Have you heard of Bruce Kilarski?  

He is a poet and writes skits.  

Bruce Kilarski kindly agreed to be interviewed. 

1. Your collection of poetry Wandering Words is one of my favourite books. How did you begin writing poetry and have you ever written in any different genres? 

Thank you Katie!  I never thought there’d ever be someone who would utter those words!

     How did I begin to write poetry?  Ummmmm… have you ever heard of a guy named Bob Dylan?  Back when I was in college, I thought his songs were the closest thing to great poetry I had ever heard.  So I wanted to try my hand at it.

     I do write in other genres.  As you know, I write humor pieces, some with dialogue and some without.  And at one time my sister asked me to write sports articles for a newspaper she edited.  I’ve also dabbled in writing science related essays.

2. Your book contains skits, as well as poetry, have you performed these to an audience or do you read these aloud to yourself to test them out? 

No, I’ve never performed any of the skits, although a fan of mine offered to gather some of her friends together to create a video of one of them but nothing ever came of it.  There were an awful lot of characters in that skit.  Maybe she didn’t have enough friends, I don’t know.

When I’m writing skits I trust what they sound like in my head.  I guess I’ve benefited from listening to Monty Python for as many years as I have.  I already know when I write it that the dialogue will be okay.

3. One thing I’ve wondered about humorous writers is do you laugh at your own work? How do you know when something is funny?
I almost never laugh at the things I write.  I may have smirked a few times but that’s about it.  I’ve listened to so much comedy in my life that I just know if something works.  Of course, just because I think it’s funny doesn’t mean anyone else will.  You have to have the attitude that you really don’t care. Er… maybe.


4. When did you feel brave enough to start sharing your poetry?
Five or six years ago.  I tried to share my poems with real live human beings, and kept getting the same reaction:  Go away and don’t ever show these to me again!  They said that for a very good reason; my poetry was terrible.  I seldom wrote, and never got any feedback until I joined a writing site in 2011.  And wonder of wonders, I improved!  I wrote more because of the encouragement I received, and the more I wrote the better I got.

5. What was the motivation for self-publishing your book?
I had accumulated a lot of pieces that I thought were good enough to end up in a book, so I started paying attention to the information publishers were sending me.  I asked advice from a fellow writer, and she said self-publishing was the way to go to get your foot in the door.  Putting it together was super difficult for me (computers and I don’t get along) but I managed it.
6. Do you read? If so, who are your favourite writers? 
Do I read!?  Do I read?  OF COURSE!!  Everything, all the time!  I read words, I listen to words, I roll around on the floor with them!  In a word, yes.

     Favorites?  Hmmmmm… Steven King is damn good… Gene Wolfe is amazing… Orson Scott Card… I could go on…

7. How important do you think a community of writers is to the development of your work?
It was everything.  Without the enthusiasm and encouragement of my fellow writers I doubt I would have continued writing.

8. Other than writing poetry, what else are you passionate about?
Well, I’m recently engaged to be married and we’re pretty passionate about each other!  Does that count?

     Let’s see, what else… I love playing pool, following my sports teams, and wallowing in nature.  And reading, reading, reading!

9. Do you have any words of advice (or caution) for other writers?

Read a lot, and no matter what you write, whether it be poetry, prose, or dialogue, edit as much as you can.  Never accept what first pours out of you.  You may think it is wonderful, but if you don’t edit, few others will.

10. What are your future ambitions for your writing? 
 I hope to finish my second book one of these days.  It’s almost done, but right now I’m enjoying life too much to worry about it.

You can find Bruce Kilarski at and 

or say hi at –

a site for writers to publish their work and gain feedback. 


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