Book Review. Nest. Terry Goodkind. 

The first chapter of Nest is certainly deserving of its genre thriller. We are introduced to John and the devil he has chained in his basement. John is such an interesting character and this chapter is creepy, but the rest of the book did not continue with this type of quality. 

John, unfortunately, meets his demise too soon. 

We are then introduced to Kate, his sister. Kate I gradually started to tire of. AJ is a secondary character and I was genuinely shocked and moved by her death. 

After AJ, Jack is the next character to engage with Kate through the remainder of the book. Jack is not a convincing character.

The idea of Kate and John being able to identify killers by looking into their eyes, and vice versa, is excellent but this was side-lined by a ridiculous conclusion to Nest.

Overall I feel this novel by Terry Goodkind is choppy. There are parts that are gripping, which are then slowed down by far too much dialogue. Unnecessary dialogue that isn’t even particularly well written.

Nest had plenty of promise but for me didn’t meet that promise. 

Available at and  published by Sky Horse Publishing. 


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