Book Review. Scarlet.  Emmanuelle De Maupassant. 


With error free writing, Scarlet is a story about an older woman, who takes matters into her own hands after her husband has left her. I like that she does this. In this story she discards men and uses them for her own pleasure. 

I must warn you that the ending is abrupt and does leave you wanting more. 

If you’re a fan of Emmanuelle De Maupassant you won’t want to miss this new short story. Scarlet is available for free at Instafreebie, but you only have until the end of the month. 

Emmanuelle De Maupassant also has on pre-order Highland Pursuits

which you can read a snippet of in the Movember Anthology  

This is only 99p/99c. All proceeds go to the Movember Foundation. 

You can find out more about this author at her website

or Amazon author page.  


2 thoughts on “Book Review. Scarlet.  Emmanuelle De Maupassant. 

  1. Thank you Katie xxx

    ‘Scarlet’ is a reimagining of the old folk tale ‘The Red Shoes’ – in which enchantment obliges the wearer to follow the whim of the shoes. In my version of the story, the female protagonist loses her own will on applying the enchanted lipstick. I wanted to convey the horror of not being in control of your own desires…

    My novel-length version of ‘Highland Pursuits’ is inspired by my short story of the same name, which appears in ‘Because Beards’ (a wonderful charity anthology which has raised thousands of dollars for the Movember Foundation).

    So excited to soon be sharing that with readers.

    Thank you again for the mentions Katie.

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