Poet. Wade Stevenson.  

Wade Stevenson is author of Moon Talk, Dear You, Flutes and Tomatoes: A memoir with poems, The Colour Symphonies, The Electric Affinities, A Testament to Love and other Losses, One Time in Paris: A Memoir of the 1960’s, The Little Book of He and She and Beds.

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Book Review of Moon Talk

Moon Talk by Wade Stevenson is written as one single poem, without titles or many pauses in between lines. I think the cover is exciting and it intrigued me. At first I felt this may be a poem solely focusing on the moon, as that was the theme for the first few pages and this got off to a shaky start on that premise, but as it unravelled it become clear that was not the case and the moon became a beautiful backdrop to a rather sensual and erotic story of love and lust.

And ‘Suddenly

It is evening,


The tart taste of moon in my mouth and

When you stand in the moonlight

Are you naked or not?

If you met God tonight

Would you take your clothes off?‘ being surrealist lines, among others.

Some of my favourite lines ‘What will you do with my dust when I die?

Will you take a sieve and strain through the ashes

Looking for sparks, the still living embers

Of loves remembered‘ And

I live for love, my life is love, to love is to live!‘ Being, perhaps, a motto to live by.

Moon Talk is a poem to take your time on and enjoy. If you like poetry I would recommend that you read this.


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