Book Review. A Book I’ll Never Write.  Devon D. Eaton. 

There is no introduction to this collection of poetry and as a result we are brought into this book by poem Colours of Coping

These are poems of love, storms, and nature. There are many poems on realistic subjects.

Drunken Romance is about a violent relationship, The Underground covers homelessness, Inaction is about a fall from grace, The Puppet King seems to be written from the point of view of King Edward, It’s complicated was I just something to be worn?, Confession takes on church and Night-lights depicts rape. 

There are poems from the perspective of prostitutes and alcoholics. So many lives that writer Devon D. Eaton could not have lived them all.
The romance in poems  Your presence is 

Pressed into the sheets at my side

I trail my hand through the warm hollow

And in Envy

Love seems so widespread

Sorrow unknown 

While I lie here broken

Other poems are frustrated and plagued with longing. 

Wake up Call is glorious Merge your voice with mine now

First Kiss, Allure and Arousing tale are racy poems

Although more inspiring titles would have been Better, A Book I’ll Never Write is a curious collection to lose yourself in. 

It is an anthology of poems written over six years as Devon D. Eaton grew into a man. He has much potential.

 I am glad that this book was written. 

You can find Devon D. Eaton at Tumblr 

His book is available at 



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