Month in Review. 

The Human Condition is a Terminal Illness


Guest Post. A Smile in one Eye: A Tear in the Other. Ralph Webster. 

I can’t recite the chronology or elaborate on the facts. I can’t explain the reasons or defend how we lived our lives. What I can tell you is how the events of 1933 sowed the seeds that fundamentally changed our future, that there was little hand-wringing or emotion, that circumstances were beyond control, that there was no recourse or appeal. I can tell you that events were incremental, that the unbelievable became the believable and, ultimately, the normal.”

Ralph Webster

Book Review. Journey to the Poetic Light – Illuminations.  Nolan Holloway.  

I enjoy the sun and the warmth it brings. As I continued to write poems a theme emerged. After my first book, “Into My Rotation, a Collection of Scribes” my writing continued. After some time I began thinking about the next project. Light gives me energy and a zest for life. My scribes spoke to me as to who I am. Light exposes all, nothing can be hidden from yourself. Each poem I scribed illuminated a part of me. Therefore light became the theme to join all the poetry together. So simply put, this book is an expression of who I see myself as and the man I continue to grow into even at this stage of my life.

Book Review. Take me to the Start. J. R. Kavit.  

If you could change one moment in your life what would it be?
When Sophia loses her job on one of the worst days of her life, she meets Benjamin King, an enigmatic British Scientist that makes her wishes come true and then disappears. When a big secret comes to light, Sophia and Benjamin’s relationship takes a surprising turn.
A mysterious, sexy and deeply moving novel about loss, pain and the courage to confront one’s past through love.
Frustrated with the disappearance of the socially alienated thirty year old Scientist that changed her life, Sophia who defines herself as asexual and damaged, goes on a mission to find him and when she does, they discover that if they want to be a part of each other’s worlds, they’ll have to deal with their dark pasts. The past they worked so hard to hide. To make it work they will have to overcome their fears… or go back to the start.
A fresh and engaging novel you will not be able to put down.
Take Me To The Start is a romance novel about how the past echoes in the present. It’s about our battle with the greatest question of all: what if we could go back and do it differently? It’s a gripping and provoking read.
Take Me To The Start is the first installment in the Take Me To The Start trilogy.