Book Review. A Collection of Poetry and Prose – War. Compiled by Robin Barratt. 

We are in the trenches in this book, and exploring the various wars we have been through. There are also poems of the innocence of children, and PTSD.

Stories and poems put us in the picture, others are observations. Example of this –

In Vietnam Veteran by Linda M. Crate 

They would have celebrated his death

But they won’t celebrate his life

And Refugees by Kirsty A. Niven 

The girl held out her hands to me

Wrapped in soiled clothes

Layer upon layer.

She could be mine, she could be any of ours,

But the government tells us this is no matter

The terrible thought that occurred to me while reading this was that every writer published in this book, and for every reader too, in some form we have experienced, or know of somebody who has fought in a, war.

We are not immune to it as we watch the news on TV, or read the newspapers with images that have become symbolic. We must ask is fighting for peace going to bring peace?

Other books available in the series include Lonely, Love, and Travel.

Available on and   

Robin Barratt is also looking for writing on being Happy. 

What a lovely sunny cover, huh? 

Details on the website 

Look out for an interview with Robin Barratt tomorrow. 


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