Book Review. Flatlander and the Rise and Fall of Mike and the Ravens.  

​This is largely an autobiographical book about the popular music of the 1950s, which was rock ‘n roll. This book starts out with the author telling us about his childhood, with which are some amusing anecdotes, and after 50 pages or so it is clear the vein that this is going to be taking. I have a feeling I have heard many accounts about rock ‘n roll history and the effects that this had at the time on the youth, so this book does not afford a lot of originality. I do think the voice of the author is clear and concise. I like how the times and the life of a young man, and his friends, in a band are captured in this with a totally believable and nostalgic voice. This does have a story, although the middle outweighs the beginning and end, and the author learns a lesson by the end of it, which puts him on a different career path. Perhaps this could have been 50 pages shorter but it is, nonetheless, an appealing and interesting historical piece of work.

Available on Kindle unlimited at or in a paperback edition.  


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