Book Review. The Beauty of the fall. Rich Marcello.

The Beauty of the fall is the third book by Rich Marcello, and published by Langdon Street press. It was a book that I finished wanting to lend it out to other people. It covers subjects that will appeal to many people. These subjects are of grief, domestic abuse, and a software start-up company. Dan has lost many people over the years. At the point that The Beauty of the fall begins Dan is trying to make sense of it all. We witness the self-destruction Dan goes through. He is a character that I did always root for, as ultimately Rich Marcello writes him as a fully fleshed out person. I liked the terms mental health, self-harm, and therapy aren’t buzz words in the book. They are themes but Dan is never labelled as crazy and the therapy he goes through is written as a positive experience and not as a failing on Dan’s part.

I liked that Dan is surrounded by women characters. Willow is a superb character and the poetry element, coupled with the poetic narrative, stands out from other novels currently on the market.

The software start-up Conversationworks was an interesting look into the process of doing that.

I did feel at times the technology, and business meetings, were at odds with the outdoorsy parts.

What I took from The Beauty of the fall was that key lesson of the work/life balance. No meeting or phone call is worth sacrificing family time for.



You can purchase a copy of The Beauty of the fall from the publisher Langdon Street Press or

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Look out for my interview with Rich Marcello tomorrow. 


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