Book Review. The Creature of The Wildcard. Jon Fischer.

​The story of Alaric is a story in itself, and beautifully told, but so sad. I felt for him. This is told with many remarkable metaphors, giving this the impression of being prose poetry. It causes me to see things in a new light. This is also ridiculous and humorous. Our narrator is a genius and avoids social interaction, so has a rather interesting imagination and paranoia. I like the references to God and musicians. Although the writing seems refined, those references bring it back to the 21st century and this does loosen up later on and it becomes like two different books. I was glad of the dialogue that broke up the paragraphs and moved the story along. The genre did seem to switch to sci-fi, which was odd. I became almost disappointed with the path this took, of our narrator searching for intimacy and a woman. Although it is fascinating, and this is how I interpreted it, that the woman he imagines is of his conscious. She is there but like a dream, not quite there. This reminds me of The Naked Lunch in parts. Mind bending, surreal and beyond any words of description. It is philosophical and if you are tired I wouldn’t recommend this, your eyes may drift over the text, but if you are looking for something inspiring read this.

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