Book Review. Serendipity. Samantha Modica. 


By Samantha Modica 

Is quite a melancholy collection of poetry, which clasps you in its grip and leaves you reading Serendipity in one sitting. 

These are poems of regrets and lost love. Space also seems to be a recurring theme.

I like the observations Samantha Modica writes of, from the movements we make, to the descent of raindrops, the warmth of the sun, the flow of words and cracks in the pavement.

I like that the poems are numbered too and are without titles. 22, I think, may well be my pick for favourite, followed by 24, 56, 58 and 80. 


Hailing from a small town in Massachusetts, poet Samantha Modica has always been passionate about writing, and has written both prose and poetry. She loves to help others, which her current pursuit—a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling—reflects. Readers can also find her work on Instagram, where she writes and shares a new poem every day.


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