Month in Review. 

Published this month 

Inbetween Hangovers published Poem Mind the Gap -A poem titled Oh Dear

Horror Sleaze Trash published four poems 

And a poem published at AWS publishing, titled Unlock 

And what am I working on? 

I am always working on some type of chapbook. 

I have chapbooks on love, the outdoors,  consent, and writing.  

I have started moving my chapbooks from to and also publishing them on and, so I can publish them as paperbacks too. 

I am putting together the Reader’s Handbook, and  still looking for books of all genres to be featured in it. If you know of any independently published authors, and presses,  let me know so I can look them up.  

It’s difficult to tell you what I’m currently reading as it changes depending on my mood! 

These are two I’m looking forward to reading. 

I enjoyed reading Come on up to the House this month. It was the first horror book I’ve read in a while. Baby Love,  an erotic short story, was a story I loved chuckling at. 

Take me to the Start was an odd book, something about it that I couldn’t put my finger on,  but an enjoyable read.  

I am absolutely loving this poetry collection by Matthew Hall.  (And a look at my desk!) 

The Human Condition is a Terminal Illness.  

I found this on Twitter and thought it was helpful 

And let’s finish with a poem. 


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