Book Review. LUCID Nightmare. E. Clay. 

Genre : Horror 

My Rating ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Available at and Barnes and Noble 
Clay is a writer, and a retired veteran. Claire is his partner. Clay is also a lucid dreamer. 

His royalties have dried up and he is broke. His publisher suggests he writes a paranormal story. That genre is slaying at the moment apparently. 

Based on true events it is difficult to refute the plot. For a book of its genre I was disappointed that Lucid Nightmare was not more atmospheric. 

Lucid Nightmare has poorly written dialogue, which came to my attention right away. It is quite an episodic book. At the beginning there were many threads that I think were mainly tied together by the finish, but Lucid Nightmare did concentrate on many of the domestics, such as dinner dates and break ins. I think writing more from the horror standpoint would have benefited the overall feel of the story.  

I did like the characters. Claire and Clay have a great relationship and Nefertiti ‘I live in the hearts and minds of  men’ reminded me of Morticia Adams. Parts of the story were also enjoyable, such as Clay meeting Nefertiti and the manifestation of Clay’s symptoms. The dreams that Clay has, and the content of them, was something that I was drawn to. 

A great quick read, but don’t expect too much from Lucid Nightmare. 


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