Book Review. Snapshot. Craig Robertson. 

I picked up Snapshot in a second hand charity shop. I hadn’t heard of the author, but he has an impressive CV and clearly the experience to write a thrilling story. Snapshot is set in Glasgow. This reminded me of the Rebus series by Ian Rankin. No pressure then!

Snapshot begins in the typical way. A body is found at a car boot sale. Police photographer, Tony Winter, has been called to photograph the body. 

Too much time is spent explaining the love Winter has for photography, and not picturesque nature scenes or nudes, but the details of a body. The reason for this obsession comes much later. 

Of course, a photographer does not play a great role in an investigation, and so the narrative switches to cop Addison. The misogyny he displays to women is disgusting. DS Rachel Narey also narrates. She is an independent woman. I liked her character very much. She is investigating the case of a murdered prostitute. This was a good story.

The primary story is about The Dark Angel, nicknamed as such by the press. He is the man responsible for the recent sniper shootings.

In Snapshot you do feel as if you are walking in the shoes of the characters.

A web is weaved through the book, with plenty of red herrings and I couldn’t put the book down. 


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