Book Review. The Lost Art of Self. Marc D Brown.

Genre: Poetry

My Rating ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

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My Review

The Lost Art of Self is a well presented book, which opens with 

All of this doubt and 


I know it’s all just wasted space in my head

And speaks of doubts in love

Yes, the skin does blush and 

The belly does flutter 

Obvious symptoms of love

But what if she thinks of this 

As just lust 

And does not take me for how I am 

Serious, sincere and true.

As well as social interactions, and friends

To help take the edge off another day.

The author writes of serious subjects, questioning.

This imagery is on display for all speaks of the grim reality of life.

The Killers speaks of something I feel quite acutely, as I have written of similar, and the great Pre- Grief writes of just that.

Poem The Old Grey Man is the one and only poem that tells the story of somebody else. 

I’m not sure I agree with Boredom is a product of being idle. 

Poem Be the Fox urges us to speak up, and is revitalising after the heavy subjects of previous poems. 

One Day of Night best sums up the book. It writes of embracing the darkness. With Planetary Canvas I paint this world only to make me think the perfect poem to end the book. 


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