Book Review. Eyes like Lighthouses When the Boats Come Home. Dane Cobain.

Genre Poetry

My Rating ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


We are ripe

And ready to go

While the others are stuck 

In the changing room

Paralysed by the sound 

Of the starting gun 

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My Review

Steel yourself for this one, there’s a lot of grit in these poems by Dane Cobain.

There are not many pleasantries here: Love is a ball ache, everything is awful, and death is a junkie.

Cobain writes, seemingly, about anything that gets in his way, and grabs at subjects with spontaneity, and his distinctive spoken word style.

In many of his poems Cobain almost appears to be a wise all knowing figure, like a Yoda, with his plain speaking views that seem so simple.

(In poem My religion Cobain lays down his commandments as learn to play the sitar, and no crying, except on Tuesdays)

Poem Dying gives a breath taking stanza of clarity

I just don’t understand 

How people plan their lives out,

Get married and have kids

And sit in front of the TV 

Evening after evening 

When I can’t see 

Past the weekend. 

Another poem I Want to Kiss you is one of the most original poems on love that I have read to date, with a spattering of humour.

Found, the final section of the book, has the most characteristic poems about birthdays, gramophones, war, cigarettes, and pesticides.

A compelling collection by Dane Cobain, that will certainly provoke some kind of reaction.

You can read poetry by Dane Cobain at Sick Lit magazine and here, on this blog.


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