Book Review. Age Six Racer. Joe Vercillo.  

Genre: Adventure / Coming of age 

Publisher: Wild Thorn Publishing 

Available at and 

About the Author 

Professional ice-hockey goaltender and Canadian singer-songwriter, J. Addams, stumbled upon the love of his life, journeyed down to Princeton, New Jersey, and found a dead mouse in a garage. 
The rest is history.

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Rating ☆ ☆ ☆  

Princeton is a great character. In a lot of ways he reminds me of an older Stuart Little. 

Age Six Racer does meander at points, going into great details about small matters, such as nicknames, that don’t hurry the story along, but does help flesh out the characters.

Many parallels are drawn between humans and vermin. Princeton, and his friends, ride in cars, have fears, fall in love, party, take drugs, there is a pecking order, and one of his friends, Charlotte, is a jerboa, and is a refugee from Syria. 

There is a romance element to Age Six Racer, which I felt was redundant at the end of the book, as it is mentioned on almost every page, but not resolved.  There are some astute relationship observations from a male perspective. 

With the New York backdrop, and easily identifiable characters, the imagery is good, and the adventures fun. I felt this book would make a good video game, with its shifting locations of central park, the subway, luxurious homes, sewers, and bats, pigeons, cats, mice, rats, and humans. 


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