Month in Review. March. 

Ah,  March. Personally,  felt ill, and haven’t had money for the past two and a half  weeks. Reminder to self,  learn to budget. 

Writing wise, I’m happy. Tinkering with book cover designs, re reading the same book until I’m sure there are no typos, and opening my inbox to two rejections.  

Oh, and READING.  

I’ve read some blinders this month. 

Ah, March. 

My chapbook of poetry, La La Love, is available on and You can also download my young adult novel, Starve, for free on Amazon too. 

You only have two more days to do so! 

Here’s a sneak peek.

A Reader’s Favourite member reviewed my chapbook Put me Down, I’m Terrible.  He said the book was sassy.  That’s all you need to know. Sassy.  

Look out for some book deals next month, as I’m looking forward to celebrating Poetry Month (Well, it’s an excuse to read more poetry, isn’t it?)

I had poetry published in 

Inbetween Hangovers. They published my poem Vacuum, which I’m very proud of.  

Your One Phone Call published Smash the Reality 

Vending Machine Press published four of my poems, which I’ve got to say I’m also very proud of!  

I reviewed this month

Roxanne’s Realm

Books, dreams, life 

Silver Dagger Scriptorium 


Ogitchida Kwe’s Book Blog

are currently holding spotlight places for Age Six Racer,  by Joe Vercillo. Go say hi, and you can grab a copy of the book at and 

I read poetry collections by these wonderful people: 

I read this great coming of age book, by Jud Widing. 

As well as the Cardboard Spaceship, which was certainly a thrilling ride through space.  

Don’t miss this children’s book, by Elaine McKay. 

The First Prompt Thursday for March was my little Demon, and this is what I came up with.

This crossed my feed on Twitter. I always find it useful. 


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