April First. National Poetry Month. 

To celebrate, my first steamy collection of poetry and prose, Porn Shots, is free to download to your Kindle device for five days!  

Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk 


An erotic collection of both poetry, and prose. 

Also included is a bonus short story, titled Chicken Nuggets and Nylon Knickers.

Read in Porn Shots experiences of dieting, a fur rug, travelling alone, an appointment with the doctor, and the hilarious attempts a couple make to spice up their relationship.

And as always my chapbooks on love, nature, food, and writing can be found at Payhip.com 

You can find out more on National Poetry Month at www.poets.org 

This also means I’m filling this blog with poetry this month. I’ve a stack of poets to share with you. Of course, if you don’t like poetry (maybe you will by May?)  I’ll still have some great fiction to share that I’ve read.  


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