Book Review. Dane Cobain.

Genre Contemporary Fiction 

Rating ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Available at and 

Author Website

Humble beginnings for tech start – up, with founder, John Mayer, giving an informal job interview to our protagonist, Dan.

You can’t say any of the characters are Orthodox. Certainly not, which, soon after Dan joins, moves to an office and expands into a much bigger business.

The initial characters (Flick, Kerry, Abhi, John, Paul) are not too out of place they take over the opening chapters, and stop us from getting to know Dan, and his likable girlfriend, Sarah.

Shit does get serious, as a journo ends up dead, and so too do, gradually, staff members of

As the business gets even bigger, the founders are needing more money, investors, and become ruthless.

The book reminds me of a Hitchcock movie, with introductions dispensed with, and the story becoming darker. moves offices to California, and Dan is being run into the ground, and has little time for anything, other than work.

Cobain knows how to use a cliff hanger, and the hours flew by as I reached the end of in one sitting.


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