Book Review. At the Corner of Main and Crazy. Ashley Owens. 


Genre Fiction

Rating ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Available at and 

Free on KU 






I must be the only person with a computer science degree, who worked as a grocery store cashier Not meeting potential.

I knew that woman’s anger wasn’t meant for me. But I’ll have her image burned in my mind for longer than I should

Tears of frustration welled up in my eyes at the fact I was drinking nasty swill to try and make it through something as simple as studying. Life didn’t need to be this hard Early college anxiety.

My afternoon had been planned out in my head, and now I was stuck With the loss of control, anxiety at the divert from routine.

‘You have nothing to worry about.’ He said ‘You’ve always had a good imagination, Foley.’ He smirked, looking at me as if this unique insight suddenly erased the problem. Other people’s reactions.

Would have only given me more time to worry
Anxiety trait.

Anxiety was a splinter I’d removed all by myself

The music was there all day, dependable – something I could go back to, and focus on when my tension would increase
Anxiety self help technique.

Cutting out dairy, pork, beef, or chicken, and processed foods Hal’s alternative medicine. What are you supposed to eat then? I’m not buying it. Vodka? Vodka isn’t better for you than beer. It’s a poison. Has Foley lost her mind?

Does this sound like you, because I thought it sounded an awful lot like me.
At the Corner is a good book, as it holds up a mirror and shows you yourself.
The book takes you through Foley’s life as an adult with anxiety.
When she meets Russell she wants to rid herself of anxiety for him(although that wasn’t really the last straw)
Together they try to get Foley through various medications, and doctors. A frustrating cycle.

I loved reading about Foley.  


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