Book Review. Luna One. Joshua Viola.

Genre Sci-Fi

Rating ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Available at and 

Author Website

Eddie is an embittered old man, with a failed dream. He is antisocial, as shown in the conversation with Eleanor, at her surplus warehouse, and unpopular, as the taunts from the local kids show.

I like the cover, and back image, design (as well as the author picture) by Aaron Lovett.

This is a short story, with few characters, and is made up of three parts. One of which felt overwritten.

I didn’t get much depth from Luna One. I did have to read the story a second time. The time, and era, and place Luna One is set in confused me. There is very little of the story to comment on, as the parts seem quite disjointed. What the reader gets is an outline of a good story.  Eddie’s circumstances did feel run of the mill. (Do we really spend so little time with our family, and friends, when trying to achieve our dream?)

I do think the end of Luna One made up for the rest, with the interesting swap of dreams, and Eddie versus humanity. It gives you something to think about.

Sci Fi fans will want to read this one.


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