Book Review. Poems from a Family Man. John Marshall. 

Genre : Poetry 

Rating ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Available at and 

Augur Press 


Scottish writer John Marshall has an engaging writing voice. The poems in this collection rhyme. 

I like that the book has an introduction, and we learn about John Marshall’s likes, pets, family, and writing history. I also like the poetry. John Marshall writes about nature, his life, depression, living with a disability, loss, marriage, his children, and cooking. As a whole the poetry feels positive, and uplifting. Poems Life in Time, More ups, Less Downs, and Putting Things Right write particularly about finding the silver lining in certain circumstances.

John Marshall certainly has an inquiring mind, and asks a lot of questions in his poetry.

The poems Fifteen years Long, Life Being Born, Baby Peter, and Children are poems of a personal nature. Children uses humor, and asks

What about kids?

Are they a ball?

Or do they drive us right up the wall?

And with poem Cooking for Pleasure, with the lines My wife says I make the best madeira cake John Marshall seems the kind of man you would like to chat with over a cuppa, and a slice of that cake. 

Poems from a Family man is an assured debut from John Marshall. 


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