Poem. Katie Lewington. 

Just: A Sign of the Times is a collection of poetry, with inspirational musings, my own experiences and observations from my life at the ages of sixteen and seventeen.
Split into four chapters, Chapter One contains Inspirational poems that will urge you to write and to live.
Chapter Two Imaginings tells the stories of many people, from a teenager confused about her sexuality to an unemployed husband and father.
Chapter Three My Experiences are cathartic poems on depression, fears for the future and romance.
Chapter Four will make you chuckle with humorous poems and motivating free verse poems.


you watch over me

whilst i sleep

although you want to

you don’t wake me up

we have had just two hours sleep

but you have the desire to

touch me all over again

it is when i am sitting in the bus shelter

i am thinking of this

our first night together

our ferocious intent to bond with each other.

A poem from my debut collection of poetry Just : A Sign of the Times. Free on KU at Amazon.com 


Author: Idontwearahat.

Katie is a published poet, reader and reviewer.

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