Book Review. The Human Condition is a Terminal Illness. Matthew Hall. 

Genre Poetry 

Publisher Bareback Press

Free on KU 

Bargain at 99p for the Kindle edition 

My Rating 💜💜💜💜💜

Masturbation, sketching, and warring lovers seem to feature heavily in this book, with observations and perspectives from those people on the margins of society. Matthew Hall, with great brevity, gives them an iconic slant on a number of occasions. 

A poet myself, certain lines I read have never been truer, and make my own seem clumsy in comparison. Hall simply pens the lonely nights, the endless shift, and the arguments in relationships that never seem to end. 

Poem French Manicure pinpoints perfectly wondering thoughts. The book offers different views on love, such as in Another Life, Another World

1 of the factory girls used to flirt with me

but I 

was young 

and naive 

and my 

wife to be 



Those situations, and incidents, that you don’t come across being written about often.

Early Grave 

He worked himself

into an early grave 

his family never wanted 

for much 

because he worked himself 

into an early grave 

is easily my favourite from the book. 

Absolute corker of a book, even the order of the poems in the book fit together like a dream, just as you think they’re getting a bit sticky Hall switches them up, and they dip, and they come up again with ease. 

You’re missing out if you haven’t read this one.

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