Book Review. Laundry. Vanessa Frances. 

 Genre Poetry 

My Rating 👍👍👍👍

First of all, love the laundry idea of this collection of poetry by Vanessa Frances. Definitely piqued my interest. Second, I love the alternative font too. It makes reading this feel a more intimate experience. 

The poetry can be thoughts. They are a vss hashtag tweet, or sudden thoughts, with small details, and the truth in them is startling as you don’t expect too much from a few lines. Take poems Bones, Art and Woof as examples of this. 

My own book contained the same kind of writing, which received some criticism from reviewers. With writer Vanessa Frances, seeing that in somebody else’s work, I admire that. 

Sure, maybe those two, three, line poems could become something larger, or act as a prompt, to trigger a thought in somebody else’s mind, and writing. 

I like the tone of voice in the poetry. It’s, I wouldn’t say bitter, but it does sound as if a few heads are being knocked together. You could describe it as salty. Take poem Typecast as an example of that. 

App was one of my favourite poems, along with Mature, Anchor, China, Steadfast, which writes of SAD, and Infantile is a great poem. Some really good observations of love

It turns you on when I’m angry 

and I’m just not that kind

Man, Lewd, and Women are poetry on feminist issues. 

Falsehood had me wanting to cheer for its pinpoint accuracy, as did Growth, and Labels too. 

Laundry is certainly a book I plan to buy a physical copy of in the future. It’s one you’ll want on your bookshelf.