Book Review. Revealing Layers – The Shell of a Woman. Tye Jiles. 

Genre Poetry 

My Rating 💖💖💖💖💖


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A passionate poetry collection about being a black woman, among men, as well as a mother, and with poetry on the cultures of old, and new, people’s attitudes, her writing background, childhood, and love. Revealing Layers of who Tye Jiles is, an important voice I found I was compelled to read.

I like the use of a different font, makes a massive difference, and the – after thoughts at the end of some of the poems, which act as a smooth finish, and title. The Thing about Matrimony is a cracker of a poem on annoying your partner.  The dexterity of the words in the poem is amazing. One of the veins in this collection is the relationship the writer has with her partner, and the whole story of their coming to be is really sweet, and it feels like a complete history, like I really got the opportunity to get to know the author.

I think it is this, the maturity, of the poetry that made me feel I should give this collection five, not four, stars. 

A book that gets better as it goes on, eventually I stopped highlighting my favourites as I would have been highlighting each page. 

I look forward to reading book two. 


Book Review. The Little Black Book of Verse. Deleonora Abel. 

Genre Poetry

My Rating 👌👌👌👌

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Visceral, and mildly erotic, collection of poetry that is experimental, particularly in poem Offering, and has some dialogue. Alongside the poetry is longer pieces of writing, and photographs. Certainly a book for the senses, with tender feelings, and fruits. The opening poem Mango 

Parting the exquisite flesh

as juices moisten her fingers

If you hadn’t read the title of that poem first, you might have done a double take. 

Diaspora is a great poem about a moment in time.