Spotlight Stop. City Affairs – My Quest For Love. Seb King. 

Genre Adult


Trigger Alert

This work contains: graphic depictions of sex scenes; erotica; BDSM; infidelity and adult language.  However, whilst there is undoubtedly an erotic aspect to the book, it is primarily a romance novel and focuses on the development of a MF relationship and a “Happily Ever After”.


Seb was born and raised in the environs of London in the county of Essex. After a decade in investment banking, punctuated by a healthy dose of international travel (lived in Damascus, Zurich and Cairo) he found his real passion in life is writing. This is his first fiction novel.  He is currently writing a thriller, set in London. 
He has published a best-selling non-fiction work on European Union Law (MiFID II: A Survival Guide) and regularly publishes articles on financial regulation. In terms of fiction, a few of his short stories have been published on Kindle. He also writes on being an author and the publishing industry. 

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Mental Health Awareness. 

This touched me. It’s been great how many well known people have been talking about mental health lately.  I just hope it leads to something positive,  like shorter counselling waiting lists for example. It pisses me off the British government cut money on mental health services, and then at an election campaign say they’re going to put more money into mental health services. 

It’s so important to take care of both your physical, and mental, health.  Don’t feel bad for feeling things, find a healthy way to work through them. With yourself,  and those around you.