Spotlight Stop. City Affairs – My Quest For Love. Seb King. 

Genre Adult


Trigger Alert

This work contains: graphic depictions of sex scenes; erotica; BDSM; infidelity and adult language.  However, whilst there is undoubtedly an erotic aspect to the book, it is primarily a romance novel and focuses on the development of a MF relationship and a “Happily Ever After”.


Seb was born and raised in the environs of London in the county of Essex. After a decade in investment banking, punctuated by a healthy dose of international travel (lived in Damascus, Zurich and Cairo) he found his real passion in life is writing. This is his first fiction novel.  He is currently writing a thriller, set in London. 
He has published a best-selling non-fiction work on European Union Law (MiFID II: A Survival Guide) and regularly publishes articles on financial regulation. In terms of fiction, a few of his short stories have been published on Kindle. He also writes on being an author and the publishing industry. 

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