Book Review. Broken Branches. M. Jonathan Lee. 

Publisher Hideaway Fall 

Release Date 27th July 

My Rating ❤❤❤❤

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Covering the themes of death, and depression, the tone of writing in this book is actually quite slow, and almost painfully awkward in conjunction with that. 

Flicking through his past and present Ian, our protagonist, is a website editor, living in his childhood home Cobweb Cottage, with his wife and son, after the suicide of his older brother. 

I was surprised at the passages of the book that are heart stoppingly creepy, as Ian researches his family history, the curse that has blighted them, and seemingly disturbs ghosts while doing so. Ian starts to hear voices, and see things that aren’t there. 

You have to wonder whether he is cracking up, or if these occurrences are actually happening.

It is when you finish reading the book you realise what a masterstroke the author of Broken Branches pulls to finish this enjoyable book, with much of the present characters drifting around, and past characters feeling more rooted in reality.

Broken Branches is a very human novel. M. Jonathan Lee is a writer I would certainly like to read more of. 


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