Review. Worse Things Happen at Sea. Martin Appleby. 


25 poems about life, love, cider and punk rock.

“Honest. Funny. Vital. The poetry of being alive and everything that comes with it. These are Positive Poems for Negative People.” –
Jared A. Carnie (author of Waves)

“Martin Appleby is a much needed new poetical voice. Here are poems from the margins, poems from the cultural hinterland, poems from unrequited lovers of the world. Worse Things happen At Sea, is I suspect, the first of many collections to come from a young poet unafraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and transfer raw emotion onto a blank page.” – Joseph Ridgwell (author of Burrito Deluxe, The Cross, and many more)

Published by Holy&Intoxicated Publications 2017.


There’s not a bad poem in this by Martin Appleby. They are all relevant. 

I like that Appleby is a British writer, and writes with humour, that sometimes uppercuts the seriousness of some of the more complex poems, such as Ten Years, and Poetry is Hard with Kittens. 

You will probably recognize something of yourself in the poetry, as Appleby recounts nights out, old relationships, and rejection. Poem Austerity is actually something I myself would do with a fiver. Having had no interest in football until last summer poem Bad Supporter I could relate with.

Worse Things Happen at Sea is likable, and I loved the look into Appleby’s head, from politics, to missing bacon, and permanent tattoos.  

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Martin Appleby runs Paper and Ink Zine 


Author: Idontwearahat.

Katie is a published poet, reader and reviewer.

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