Ghost City Press Micro Chapbook Summer Series Roundup. 

​I love Ghost City press.

My summer last year was characterised by the Ghost City press micro chapbooks Summer series.

Whilst I moved into my own flat, I read Puppycat by Precious Okoyomon, and when I went on my first holiday abroad, I read Abuse Cycle by Ace Boggess by the pool.

When some literature comes hand in hand with huge events in your life I think they are forever something you are commited to. 

Micro chapbook SLIPKNOT HASN’T TWEETED SINCE 2012 by Joseph Parker Okay taught me what a macro is, Meaning, the Shepherd of Impulse by Carter Jones is beautifully illustrated, and Until the Foxes by C. M. Keehl is immaculate.

Ghost City press will introduce you to a wide range of underappreciated writers, and show you just what modern poetry is looking like these days. 

The 2016 summer series can be downloaded for free, or you can donate a few pennies.

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Now for 2017. 

75 micro chapbooks. Subscribe at for free, and get a chapbook almost every day in your inbox. You can also donate money at whichever price you can afford (and I would suggest you do, it all goes back to the writer) 

May 29th 📆

Yr Yr Matt Margo 
Art “Accident.” Joey P. 

Matt Margo is a person who writes. Their other books include Blueberry Lemonade (Bottlecap Press, 2015) and When Empurpled: An Elegy (Pteron Press, 2013). They are Founding Editor of Zoomoozophone Review, Editor-in-Chief of experiential-experimental-literature, and Publicity Director for Gold Wake Press. Learn more about Matt and their writing here.

May 30th 📆

Origami Creature 
Nathanael William Stolte is the author of four chapbooks. He is the Acquisitions Editor of CWP Collective Press. His work has appeared in several online and print journals. Nathanael is a madcap, DIY, flower-punk, Buffalo bred and corn-fed-poet.

May 31st 📆

A Dream you Have Not Had


June 1st 📆

Dream – Like Houses 

Art Sarah Shields

Website Twitter

June 2nd 📆


📌 Subscription available here, or buy chapbooks individually📌 


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