Ghost City Press 2017 Summer Micro Chapbook Series Roundup. 

First up, on the Fifth Of June 📆 


A favorite of mine, with a great cover, and title, URBAN NECTAR takes us through the streets of an urban street, with ‘needles, used and discarded.’ and ‘police cars by the dozen.’

6th of June 📅 


7th of June 📆


8th of June 📅


9th of June 📆


Whew! And that was Week Two of The Ghost City Press 2017 Summer Micro Chapbook series. All available for free! So if anything takes your fancy, go download them!

Week Three

June 12th 📅


I loved reading this one. Gotta love somebody that dedicates a book to themselves (why aren’t more of us doing this?)

June 13th 📆


I think Nancy needs to share more of her writing. 

June 14th📅


An intriguing short story.

June 15th 📆


June 16th 📅


Another favourite.

What an exciting couple of weeks! All talented writers, and artists, and a good looking bunch too.

All of these chapbooks can be downloaded for free, but all proceeds go back to the writers, and if you can afford it, why not help them out? 


I have absolutely loved sharing this amazing series with you, so stay tuned for the next roundup.


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