My journey as an artist has been shaped by self-doubt, literary allusions, and the ideal that words are the most powerful symbols we have. I am obsessed with despair, longing, and introspection. My art is heavily influenced by musical lyricism and writers such as Arthur Rimbaud, James Joyce, and Aldous Huxley. Typically my poetry and short stories feature a rising crescendo of memento mori, with thoughts and images of death building towards the climax. I am also deeply concerned with the materialism of our current society, and I hope the consistency of my vision and voice is apparent to the readers. I first started writing at the age of seventeen when I read The Illuminations of Rimbaud. I have currently just finished my second chapbook, Quiet Days in Pompeii, and am busy shopping it around. My ultimate goal is to write short stories in the style of Joe Hill and to write a novel that is as good as Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. But for now I am focusing on my poetry. My hobbies are reading and taking care of my two beautiful daughters, Libby Leagones and Sophia Pompeii.

Jess Mize’s debut chapbook is available from Finishing Line Press 

Read examples of her writing at 

the fem lit mag / unbroken journal / kiss the witch / bottlecap press / new pop lit / anti heroin chic

Connect with Jess Mize 🌐

Twitter @jammasterjess Tumblr Instagram


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