Prompt Thursday. I didn’t Think I would Ever Hear Bob Dylan in a Sex Shop.

I Didn’t Think I would Ever Hear Bob Dylan in a Sex Shop
Makes you think that, doesn’t it? And I don’t literally mean Bob Dylan was playing a gig in a sex shop, but he was playing through the speakers. Hearing that gravelly voice amid glass dildos & collars & PVC outfits was a tad surreal.

Lay lady lay indeed.

The above title is a poem from my new book Here comes the Sun: Travel Poetry Written by Katie Lewington. And I was in Amsterdam.

I have previously neglected to title many of my poems and stories. Lack of imagination & because I don’t like to point out the obvious, which I suppose a title can do by immediately giving you a clue to what the piece of writing is about. You can also mislead your reader by calling your poem Toad & then writing about Trump.

Oh hang on …

I recently read a poetry collection by Tye Jiles. She didn’t name her poems, but instead placed tag lines at the end of her poems. This seemed to neatly sum up what she had written, & I felt it defined each poem.

What are your thoughts on titles?

Have you any of your own quirky titles, or favourites by other writers you would like to share?

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