Book Review. Tales of Woe. John Reed. 

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I have reviewed a few John Reed titles on my blog. He is one of my favourite writers.  He’s diverse too. 
Tales of Woe is the kind of book we read I think out of morbid curiosity. This one you are easily able to dip in and out of, although I wouldn’t recommend it for those with a weak stomach.

These tales are of gruesome real events, written by John Reed, and coupled with lurid pictures, drawn in a pop art style by artists 8pussy, Elisabeth Alba, Stephane Blanquet, Delia Gable, Kiki Jones, Patrick McQuade, Ralph Niesp, Sarah Oleksyk, Alex Warble, Chadwick Whitehead, and Michele Witchipoo. 

You might even remember seeing these stories on the news, Harold Simpson is caught by police raping a dog, chopped up body parts found in a freezer, and Nikki Catsouras. 

Gruesome stuff that you couldn’t make up. But like I said you will want to read it because of a morbid curiosity,  & the illustrations are superb. 

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