Book Review. INDIE POET – Thirty Poems From My Thirties: 2006 – 2016. Harry Whitewolf. 

Harry Whitewolf is the author of two raffish true travelling tales that read like fiction (Route Number 11 and The Road To Purification), and six collections of contemporary poetry, including New Beat Newbie, Two Beat Newbie, and Rhyme and Rebellion – which was one of’s 50 Best Indie Books of 2016.

Whitewolf is a forty one year old Englishman who hopes to see world peace in his lifetime, and yes, Harry believes miracles are possible. 


I downloaded this one while it was free during a promotion.  

This worked like a revitalising shot in the arm for me. Reminiscent of work by Martin Appleby, and Jim Gibson, this indie poet in the title poem tells us who he isn’t, and ends with ‘I’m just this Indie poet ‘ere, innit.’

Poem I’ll never be a Poet Laureate is similar, with 

‘I’ll never be no poet laureate

not cuz i ain’t no good

but cuz i wouldn’t take the job,

even if i could.’

When it comes to success, or integrity, which do you choose?

Poem Too Many Choices rallies against the 1984 culture, as do some of the other poems, and poem McDonald had a Restaurant just made me fucking laugh, with it’s

‘E, I, E, I, O

with a bit of poverty down here

and a bit of fat cat greed up there. 

Here a bastard, there a bastard

everywhere a fucking fat

and greedy bastard.’

Sussex Sex is one of the few poems on romantic relationships. Sexy, and Rush Crush are erotic:

‘Flirting and drinking 

in cider filled kisses.’

All the clumsy, real, attempts we make to connect. 

An excellent read. I recommend this for those who like the underground poetry scene. 

You too can download this book on &


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