Book Review. So Much Noise. Marc Pietrzykowski. 

Marc Pietrzykowski lives in Lockport, NY, with his wife Ashley, and numerous furry mendicants. He has published 6 books of poetry and 2 novels, as well as numerous individual poems, stories, and essays in a variety of places. He also writes music, sings, and plays a few instruments. More details on all these pursuits can be found on his web page,

Hopelessness, and despair, seem to drive the poems in So Much Noise by Marc Pietrzykowski. The book was published by Pski’s Porch, a small press of high quality.  

Many of the poems seem to follow a recurring pattern, which I can only describe in my own funny way as words that seem to begin around the edges, and then run themselves down, until they are caught in the middle.

Poems describe the fabric of our lives: restlessness, work, LUMINATE makes good use of the light that surrounds us through various means, grease ‘There is only more dirt beneath the dirt, more grease under the grease but still I push the rag around.’ and grief. I can Hear Her Bones Growing, or Cracking a title of a poem that seems to perfectly sum up America. Where is John Clare? feels like a poem differently written from the others, using the outdoors as a landscape. 

NOT SCARED is one of my favourite poems ‘Trouble, a cat with one eye, and three legs.’ and also TRINITARIAN RAG. 

Notes Towards a Perfect Cube are shorter, three/four lines long.

The Naming of the Disorders is a standout. 

And take, last of all, from this book

‘We all must grow old and die, and so I better selfie the shit out of myself now, here,’ 

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