Monday’s Spam.

I have noticed many writers, through Twitter, Email, Facebook etc. are tearing out their hair because they have their book, the finished product is primed for the Big Time, but unfortunately the promotion of this book has to bridge that gap between the long, late, or early, hours of writing, editing, and designing the front cover, and the Big Time – success, plaudits and high sales. It can seem fruitless as time rumbles on.

On the flip side of that are the book bloggers who are there to help in that promotion, but are feeling they aren’t really making a difference. They are experiencing blogger burnout!

I am in both camps.

As a writer the whole business of putting together your book, investing the time, the money, oh that dirty word money, and asking people to take to their hearts your book can take years, all while you may at times be crippled by self doubt.

And as a book blogger the process can be similar, while also figuring out the best time of day to post, communicating with readers, writers and publishers, and talking up your blog through social media. Imagine the horror when you log on the following day and find that post you thought was pretty nifty has garnered a grand total of two views and zero likes.

God, it’s emotional. Fraught with self doubt! But I love doing both and isn’t that the important thing?

Every achievement, whether that be a like, a comment, positive feedback, a sale, treasure it. You’re reaching people.

So, Monday’s Spam.

Post a link to your book, your websites, your Facebook page, or something you recently had published. Post something you’ve read recently. It doesn’t have to be book, or blogger, related.

Memes and quotes are welcome too, as well as anything motivating to start the writing week with that small sliver of hope.

No, we aren’t going to chuck it all in, we are in this together, no man is an island and all that stuff.

Share, and pass on what you’ve discovered in the comments.

Sharing is caring.

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2 thoughts on “Monday’s Spam.

  1. I love this idea! Thank you, Katie! I am a poet, mother and military spouse. Last summer, I published ‘Uniform,’ which comes mostly from learning how to find my place among the traditions and ideology of the US Marine Corps, living as always the ‘new person’ in a neighborhood, dealing with loss and fear of loss, the difficulties that are brought to a relationship, and struggling with isolation and loneliness.

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