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Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! I’m giving away one signed copy of Here comes the Sun: Travel Poetry written by Katie Lewington and one signed copy of Hotel Life. http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/2c2d77422/?


“Hotel Life is a series of poems that tell a narrative of movement. A narrative of watching the world and it’s people move through our lives. A moment of longing. 

‘This is definitely a chapbook I’ll be coming back to. It’s confusing and disorienting and almost easy to understand, but not quite either – tantalizingly so. In short, I love it. I wish it was a little longer, so that the arc downwards was a little more elegant, but it’s very much a stream-of-consciousness and telling a story. The story itself is a little obscured, but the emotions shine through, and I can grasp the large shapes and feelings of things, following how to feel without understanding the exact mechanics. It’s very artfully done in that way. 

E. Dunstan https://wellreadbymoonlight.tumblr.com

“The poetry of Katie Lewington has just only recently come to my attention, and her simple, observational, and honest poems pulled me right in. Her new chapbook “Here Comes the Sun” is filled with those things that I look for in poetry and writing in general, descriptions of people and places, travels, food, etc. The ordinary things that sensitive folks (and poets especially) find so endearing. I can’t wait to read more of Lewington’s work!” Nicholas Trandahl, author of Pulling Words.  


Grab a drink, and your shades, and read  



Experience the thrill of summer, and travel with me through Europe, without needing to move from your seat, standing in airport baggage queues, cobbled streets, sandy beaches, and tourist shops. 


Raw and real are the words often used to describe Katie Lewington’s work. 

Here comes the Sun uses simple language in the poems that were written whilst travelling in the summer of ’16. 

Some of the poems make good use of brevity, while others, such as Wi-Fi, are written in a prose style of writing. 

There is contemplation among the hilarity as the seasons change, summer turns to winter, and the nights become colder.


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  1. Hi Katie, I’m glad to see your work is in print! Congrats. I’ve sent a few emails but haven’t received a response about Writing for Bliss or Kin Types. Can you email a reply? Thanks


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