La La Love success continues! 

​So pleased indie poet Harry Whitewolf enjoyed my book La La Love, and said this about it, ‘Love ain’t my favourite poetic theme to read about, but Lewington manages to come at the subject from all angles – from those small, tender moments that make all the difference, to heart ache, sex, and self-examination, and there’s plenty of other observations on life which fit nicely into the collection; and this is most definitely a collection that works well as a whole.’ 

A new Goodreads review has also materialised of La La Love, ‘this collection of poems fits my lesson objectives and when I am riding the train to Shanghai La La Love is easy to enjoy while listening to my 80s playlist.’ How lovely my poetry has been read in another country. 

Here is the link to La La Love on Goodreads

And if you would like to purchase a copy here is the link


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